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If you enjoy riding your horse for many hours through the Northwest's most beautiful wilderness areas, endurance riding may be the sport for you! Ranging in distance from 25 to 100 miles, PNER rides feature varied
scenery and levels of difficulty.  It's you and your horse against the trail of the day.

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Feb 15
posted by admin on 15.02.17 07:10 as General

The PNER award criteria definitions have been updated for 2017.  These new definitions have been incorporated into the 2017 PNER Handbook and we are in the process of upgrading the infrastructure supporting the PNER Website.  As a consequence, the new award criteria definitions won't be reflected on our Website until this work has been completed.  In order to provide you with the most current information available, please use your PNER Handbook or the pdf file below as your source for awards being offered by PNER this ride season.

An article summarizing the changes to awards will be issued in the next edition of the PNER Family News.

Teams should submit rosters to Sue McLain at either awards@pner.net or kastu88@msn.com in advance of the first ride for which they wish to receive points.  Team members must be active PNER members, having paid their annual dues, in advance of their being allowed to join a Team. 



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Feb 14
posted by mosss on 14.02.17 16:07 as General

Tue, Mar 14, 2017 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM PDT 

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. 
#You can also dial in using your phone. 
United States: +1 (872) 240-3311 

Access Code: 858-941-685 

First GoToMeeting? Try a test session: http://help.citrix.com/getready


This is a GOTO meeting, you can connect via your computer by clicking on the link https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/858941685

If you want to connect via phone only use the number below followed by the Access Code followed by a #.  When it prompts you for connect id just press #


If you have any questions on how to connect contact Dave Hendrickson at 541-410-8184, or davidh@brokenbit.com

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Jan 23
posted by admin on 23.01.17 08:00 as General

Notice to Horse Owners: An agreement between Idaho, Oregon and Washington exempting Coggins testing for transport of horses across state lines has been lifted.  According to Idaho State Department of Agriculture officials, horses being transported between the three states will now be required to have a Coggins test from an accredited veterinarian in the last 12 months. The rule is currently being processed through state government channels.

The agreement is being removed because of positive tests found in Idaho and neighboring states. State veterinary officials believe it is no longer appropriate to keep the testing exemption in place. For more information contact the Idaho State Department of Agriculture or the Idaho Horse Council.

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Jan 1
posted by admin on 01.01.17 13:03 as General

During the 2017 Convention in January, the PNER Board of Directors will consider a number of proposed bylaws changes. All PNER members are encouraged to review these proposed changes. You may access them online here. Thanks for your involvement! 

Also, remember to renew your membership and register for Convention!

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Jan 1
posted by admin on 01.01.17 13:01 as General

The PNER BOD discussed the revisions to the rules and agreed on the rules described below. Most of the revisions were housekeeping things to make the rules more clear and to maintain PNER’s autonomy.

You can compare the 2017 revised rules to the originals in your Handbook page 6.
The PNER BOD did decide to include EDRA as a sanctioning organization recognized by PNER for PNER points and awards (see rule 2 where Equestrian Canada was added several years ago).

What this means:
  • The PNER ride calendar will include AERC rides and EDRA rides in 2017. Therefore, all rides in the PNER area will be included in the PNER calendar.
  • Rides will be put on the PNER calendar following the guidelines for distance between rides that has traditionally guided the calendar.
  • All PNER riders will get PNER points at either AERC or EDRA rides.
  • Riders can go to both AERC and EDRA rides if they chose to – ...


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