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If you enjoy riding your horse for many hours through the Northwest's most beautiful wilderness areas, endurance riding may be the sport for you! Ranging in distance from 25 to 100 miles, PNER rides feature varied
scenery and levels of difficulty.  It's you and your horse against the trail of the day.

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Jan 1
posted by on as General

The PNER BOD discussed the revisions to the rules and agreed on the rules described below. Most of the revisions were housekeeping things to make the rules more clear and to maintain PNER’s autonomy.

You can compare the 2017 revised rules to the originals in your Handbook page 6.
The PNER BOD did decide to include EDRA as a sanctioning organization recognized by PNER for PNER points and awards (see rule 2 where Equestrian Canada was added several years ago).

What this means:
  • The PNER ride calendar will include AERC rides and EDRA rides in 2017. Therefore, all rides in the PNER area will be included in the PNER calendar.
  • Rides will be put on the PNER calendar following the guidelines for distance between rides that has traditionally guided the calendar.
  • All PNER riders will get PNER points at either AERC or EDRA rides.
  • Riders can go to both AERC and EDRA rides if they chose to – remember PNER points will be the same for riders at either type of event but AERC rides will earn AERC points and miles and EDRA rides will earn EDRA points and miles.
  • EDRA ride managers will be able to have information at the Convention for rider’s convenience in planning and to the Handbook in time for publication.

 What this doesn’t mean:
  • Riders will be forced to go to AERC or EDRA rides – riders are free to go to both or either organization’s rides or not go –it is up to you—riders can select the organization or combination of organizations that fits their needs the best.
Many people have contacted me about the possibility of rides being co-sanctioned by AERC and EDRA  -- please share your requests with the AERC BOD and EDRA Founders – co sanctioning should be possible.
The BOD decided to have a Round Table Discussion at the Convention in January to allow membership to meet with and ask questions of EDRA founders.

The BOD also decided to have a Round Table Discussion about the awards changes for 2017 that resulted from the work the Awards Task Force has done for the last two years.

The BOD also decided to add a volunteer position, Awards Coordinator. This person will oversee Awards assuring a standard process is used before adding/deleting/changing any awards.  They will also assist with awards that are calculated by hand and oversee the awards requiring nominations.  In general, they will communicate awards information to the membership, keep the process for earning awards fair and make sure  the criteria for the award  is met.  They will work closely with the Points Secretary and the President.  Sue McLain has agreed to take on the position for 2017. 
I am happy to share that the Treasurer, Margie Thorngren, reported that the Blood Machine (Camilla) paid for herself this year!  That is great news!  Future money earned by Camilla will go to replacing supplies like the rotors, needles etc and saving money to replace Camilla with a new machine when this one wears out.  We will have two educational talks at Convention about the blood machine results and how to use them.  This has been a great program PNER is providing its members – Thank-you Sue Summers for making this project a reality!
Please remember PNER needs a dedicated team to run for President and VP this year.  If someone you know has a vision for PNER and leadership skills, please encourage them to contact me.  I would be happy to share a job description.  We would like to have prepared ballots prior to the General Membership meeting this year.  We would also like to have candidates write a statement to distribute to the membership in December and January.   PNER is only as strong as its volunteers – keep it strong by stepping up. 
Happy Trails,

Kathleen Ferguson
PNER Board President


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