CONVENTION DETAILS - January 28-30, 2021

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We hope COVID 19 will cut us a break by convention, so we can all relax and have fun.  But we WILL be following the applicable State of Oregon Health Authority’s guidelines at convention time. Wearing masks that cover both mouth and nose may be required.  If this is not workable for you, we ask that you join via the electronic broadcast method described above. 

The BIG NEWS concerning this convention is that we have made a pricing change.  We’re waiving the charge to attend speaker presentations with the hope this will encourage people to enjoy the whole PNER convention experience and choose to join our ranks. 

We will have a self-serve area set up with several bulletin boards and banners to communicate your products/services and ideas. For example:

  •      SADDLES:  Since you can’t bring used saddles in, prepare an 8.5” x 11” sheet for each saddle.  If you find a buyer, deal directly with them and no portion of those proceeds go to the organization.  Please be sure to secure saddles as we cannot guarantee that items left in your car are safe, and PNER is DEFINITELY NOT responsible for these items, and neither is the Embassy Suites.    
  •      STALLION OWNERS:  For PNER members who are stallion owners, there will be space to post photos and information of your magnificent stallions.  8.5” x 11” maximum size. You can discuss services directly with people who may be interested.  (And don’t leave your stallions in the car either.)
  •      HORSES FOR SALE AND WANTED:  As above for stallion services, PNER members who are looking to sell or buy horses may post a document, not to exceed 8.5” x 11”.  We love matchmaking!
  •      IDEA BOARDS:  We’ll have another area for random, helpful ideas, or products, or reference materials that have worked for your endurance needs.  Please bring a written description, photo, a diagram, link to a YouTube video, website, or whatever may direct someone to this information.  You are also welcome to send it to VP Becky Osborne (, and it’ll be posted ahead of time. Please keep it small to respect others with similar info and label with your name and phone number so you can answer questions from those interested in your contribution.  A great way to get to know your fellow riders. 

SPEAKER LINE UP AND AGENDA:  We have a fabulous line up of speakers.  The agenda is full—so be ready to hit the convention and trade show running!  

This is the TENTATIVE schedule with additional detail of each below:

Friday January 28
8:00am –                     Registration opens
8:00-10:00am –           Structured Open Chat, including air vest demo
9:00 –                          Start dropping off used tack
10:00 am                     Trade Show opens
10:30 am –11:30 am    Stevie Delahunt teaches rider  Fitness and Balance
11:00am –                   Used Tack Sale starts. Please respect this timeline to allow our volunteers to organize sale items. The volunteers have asked for this and violators will be next year’s volunteers!

1:00pm –                     Judy Auble from Toklat discusses Bits
2:45pm –                     Catch riding with Kristen Grace, Jamie Hughes, Stevie Delahunt, Alexis Berryman, and Heidi Talbott
4:00pm –4:30pm         Jo Christensen discusses the SPOT Trace GPS Tracker
4:30-6:00 pm              Jo Christensen reveals the secrets of fitting hoof boots

7:30pm –                     Friday night awards, non-competitive awards including those from 2020

Saturday January 29
8:00am –                     Registration opens
8:00am                        Trade Show opens
8:00-9:30 am –            Structured Open Chat, including air vest demo
8:30am –                     Jala Neufeld presents Jotform to Ride Managers
9:00am –                     Raffle ticket sales start
9:00 am-3:00 pm         Used Tack Sale continues
10:00-11:30am –         Randy Grace explains setting up a solar power system for your RV
11:30am –                   General Meeting—meet the new leadership!

1:00 pm                       Raffle drawings begin
1:30pm –                     Robert Long discusses his Mongol Derby adventures
3:45pm –                     David Lewis discusses Ride with GPS
3:45pm -                      Art Priesz, USEF Endurance Discipline Advisor, New Programs 
5:30pm –                     Air vest demonstration

7:00pm –                     Awards banquet - don’t forget to register! Followed by a DJ and dancing.


USED TACK SALE:  Darla & Sierra Westlake and Donna Lacy-Bacon have kindly agreed to spearhead this effort.

Start cleaning up your excess tack now, fill out this form, and bring it with you to the convention.

Please note that 10% of the used tack sales proceeds will go to PNER.  Also, as in years past, unsold items MUST BE PICKED UP NO LATER THAN 3 pm on Saturday, or they will be donated to a horse rescue.  We are unable to display saddles, but those of you with saddles to sell are welcome to bring a photo of the saddle to pin on the “Invaluable Information” bulletin boards.

TRADE SHOW:  Vendors are signing up with a cornucopia of products for you to touch, consider, and hopefully purchase.  The vendors have also endured a tough Covid 19 pandemic, so please be generous and support our endurance vendor community

STRUCTURED OPEN CHAT:  New opportunity for general discussion of rider concerns.  This is open to green beans and longer-term riders to ask and answer questions and share ideas.  I’m hoping for a “this worked for me” kind of encouragement that we can extend to potential newcomers as we welcome those into our sport.  Of particular concern/interest has been the “how do I control this fire-breathing monster at the beginning of the ride?” We look forward to hearing your questions and solutions. 

Raffle drawings will occur through both days and results  posted around 1:00 pm on Saturday only.  The juniors are in charge of the raffle this year—from soliciting the contributions to organizing the entire event. Proceeds will go to the junior ride entry fund. THANK YOU, JUNIORS! 

Don’t miss Stevie Delahunt’s amazing fitness and balance program.  Portions of this program can be seen on her Facebook page and will benefit both you and your horse. Stevie and her group of horses and riders attended the Lava Cast ride in September.  She had four horses and riders training for the Mongol Derby and the Gaucho Derby all complete the 80 mile ride. You owe it to your body and to your horse to attend. 
Visit She Can Magazine

Judy Auble from Toklat will blow your mind with her bit presentation.  She learned directly from the Myler bit designers.  If you’ve seen this presentation at previous conventions, you know how surprising and impressive it is; if you haven’t, prepare to have everything you thought you knew about bits upended.

Catch Riding - Have a horse that needs a rider?  Have no horse and dying to ride?  Want to move up in distance but your horse is not ideal for that?  Catch riding connects those needs!  Kristen Grace, Jamie Hughes, Stevie Delahunt, Alexis Berryman, and Heidi Talbott discuss the finer points of the matchmaking process and how this can benefit everyone involved. 

Jo Christensen will describe her direct experience with the SPOT trace GPS tracker device and how she has used it while traveling through the Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana.  Many of you have followed the horror of the endurance horse that was lost in early 2021 at an Arizona ride.  This SPOT trace device has huge promise in reducing such a possibility and Jo can describe her research for such a device and her extensive use of it. 

Friday night awards will include the non-competitive awards for both 2020 and 2021.  Congratulations to those of you who persevered through these challenging years and earned these!

Jala Neufeld presents Jotform to the Ride Managers.  Jotform has been a blessing to many ride managers, but comes with an operational learning curve; Jala is here for you!

The General Meeting will be your opportunity to meet your new President and Vice President and learn the issues in front of the organization.

Randy Grace explains how to set up a solar collector system on your trailer/camper/etc.  Randy is an electrician licensed in Oregon and has set up several of these systems.  We are grateful he is sharing this much-requested information with us! 

Robert Long won the Mongol Derby in 2019 and will share his challenging and amazing experience. Please check the links below for information about his achievement. 


You will be talking about this for years to come.  (As a teaser, you may wish to watch the movie “All the Wild Horses”, available to rent or buy on Amazon, and which was his motivation to enter the Mongol Derby).  To all of us senior riders especially, this man is a complete inspiration.     

David Lewis has kindly agreed to explain Ride with GPS.  He will make this presentation in three, half-hour segments, starting more remedial and progressing all the way to include how to operate the app on various devices, including a smartwatch.  David, we totally appreciate you stepping in to help those of us who struggle with this.

Back by popular demand, we have the exploding air vest demonstration.  If you have an air vest and wouldn’t mind bringing it to the presentation, it would be helpful to those who may want to try them on and discuss the advantages/disadvantages of various models.  Time depending, we may have other presentations at this time, including discussion of the use of inverters in RVs as well as trailering safety. 

Other notes
For those wondering what happened to the Saddle Fit presentation by DeWayne Brown and Celena Pentrak, it was sadly delayed until next year due to a time-crunched schedule. Please give your PNER VP a hug for juggling so many presentations.

EVENING GOWNS:  Juniors will again have gowns available!  Please support them and look spectacular at the same time!

Please bring your old editions of Endurance News that you may be willing to hand off to new riders or those considering our sport and want a flavor of what this is all about.