2023 Horse Awards

Champion Overall Best Condition Horse

The horse with the highest accumulated Best Condition (BC) points ridden by any number of PNER members of any age is honored. BC points are accumulated when there are at least two starters and a BC horse is recognized at the event. The recognized BC horse receives one BC point per mile, prorated by the number of starters when there are fewer than 10. (Includes endurance and/or limited distance events.)
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply.
Note: the calculation for BC points = # of riders/10 * distance, so is prorated if # of riders is less than 10.


PlaceHorseIDHorseBCPointsNumber BCs
111399Che Ole60.01
214949BES Little Wanderer55.01
310528OFW Alivia50.01
416718Zells Rukan (Rogello)50.01
612895Fancy Grace (Ama'le)32.52
710713SS Adios30.01
816237TER Riosa LaMia25.01
917058Jakarta Princess (Quinn)25.01
1116886Rosies Atlas25.01
1316082HCC Tetherow Joe15.01

Champion Junior Best Condition Horse
The horse with the highest accumulated Best Condition (BC) points ridden by any number of Junior PNER members is honored. Junior BC points are accumulated when there are at least two Junior starters, a Junior BC horse is recognized at the event, and the horse receives the highest veterinarian score in the Junior BC judging. All Juniors completing the event are eligible to show their horse for Junior BC judging when offered by the ride manager. The BC horse receives one Junior BC point per mile, prorated by the number of Junior starters when there are fewer than 3. (Includes endurance and/or limited distance events.) 

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply. Please note that ride managers are not required to recognize or conduct Junior BC horse judging at their events. Therefore, the ride manager must have conducted Junior BC horse judging at his/her ride event and the name of the Junior horse with the highest BC veterinarian score must be provided to the PNER Points Secretary by the ride manager.


PlaceHorseIDHorseBCPointsNumber BCs
210716Doublemint Black Scamp50.01
316216Belesema Ruby Jewel33.31
411507Rushcreek Fiscus25.01
514918Layla's Knightly Getaway16.71

100-Mile Horse Lifetime Achievement
Horses consistently competing in one-day 100-mile events are remarkable. This is a milestone award and is based on the quantity of one-day 100-mile completions in the PNER region over the lifetime of the horse.
Milestones are acknowledged at 300, 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 miles. Beyond 2000 miles, recognition is conveyed in 1000-mile increments.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

Drinkers of the Wind (sponsored by Chad & Jessica Huber) Enrollment required by December 1
This award honors horses that embody the meaning of endurance. The award celebrates equines with long endurance careers who continue, mile-after-mile, to consistently complete endurance distance events.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: A minimum 5000 accumulated lifetime endurance miles must be recorded for the horse to be eligible. The horse must successfully complete at least one endurance event during the current ride season and endurance events outside the PNER region are included in determining eligibility. The horse must by owned by a PNER member.
An enrollment submittal must be sent to the Awards Coordinator at awards@pner.net by December 1 to verify eligibility requirements have been met. A list of nominees and any submitted materials will be forwarded to the award sponsor. The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

Veteran Horse (sponsored by Lois Fox)
For the horse with outstanding performance in endurance over the years with any number of riders of any age. To be considered, the horse must have a minimum of 2500 career endurance miles and have competed in longer distance rides for at least three years. Historical miles may have been accumulated outside the Pacific Northwest Region. Emphasis will be placed on high mileage and consisent performance on 75-100 mile distances. This award is determined by the award sponsor.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement does not apply.

Top 3 High Mileage Horses
Horses with the highest total accumulated miles (endurance and/or limited distance) are recognized. The horse may be ridden by any number of PNER members of any age.
ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION: The minimum completion requirement applies


PlaceHorseHorseIdTotalMilesMinimum Eligibility Met
1HCC Elessar +/9669310Yes
2HCC Tetherow Joe16082210Yes
3EZ To B Perfect10994180Yes
4Texas Bandit17001155Yes
5Che Ole11399155Yes
6OFW Alivia10528155Yes
8Belesema Sans Myst17214130Yes
9NVF Technicolor Vision16931130No
10TER Riosa LaMia16237130Yes
11Layla's Knightly Getaway14918130Yes
12JV Jericho16822130No
13BES Little Wanderer14949130No
15Belesema Ruby Jewel16216125Yes
16RR Dymond Tiki16638105No
18Khalid Sanaa12789105No
19Kentucky Jim12786100No
20Houston We Have a Problem16085100No
21Mt Mists Topaz Moon12861100No
22Doublemint Black Scamp10716100No
23Griffins Flight (Griffin)17252100No
24T.A. Christel1131880No
25DMW Prevost1116780No
26Another Mans Treasure1287380No
27DE Khapprio KF1005080No
30JV Trinidad1602175No
31Storming Liberty (Liberty)1616275No
33Yellow Hawk's Phoenix1285875Yes
34Race T Wildfire1101575No
35OWR Astro1606175No
36Dream Achiever1174775No
37Tango Kane1701775No
38Darq Zephyr1637075Yes
39JV Shyanna1675775No
40MM Chief1643255No
41SDR Focus1618955No
42VG Patriotic Dream1142555No
43HCC Sentry1697055No
44Cierzo MLM1702355No
45Owyhee Smoke Signal1102855No
46Alexander Hamilton1666155No
47Natalia PFF (TYYA)938955No
48Cain Rippin Rita1641650No
49Storm Chaser K1142650No
51Magic Prima1698150No
52WMA Burning Fire1150250No
53Double Exposure PW1083250No
55Beauty's Harley891450No
57Cerro Blanco1607250No
58RGS Red Robin1716050No
59AM Foxy Franchise1668650No
60Dracarys Ali Shai1664450No
61Detailed Legacy1129850No
62Gold N Diva1604450No
63Red Hero1666350No
66Fancy Grace (Ama'le)1289550No
67BES Sunset in Sisco1700250No
69SA Alamo1278450No
71Al-Marah Cash Racer (Cash)1683050No
73Darc Legacy (Pitch)1719050No
74TR Troubadour1642950No
75Zells Rukan (Rogello)1671850No
77SAR Wileycoyotesmokes1171850No
78Ss Calypsos Sherman1697950No
79SAR A Fancy Havana1147550No
80Giannis Giulietta (Rehab)1725550No
81Royal Velvet1657550No
82Keeping Faith1103650No
83To The Max CH1663250No
84TWS Gai Vishnu1657250No
85Three Socks1159250No
86JJ Noble Shiloh (Hondo)1714950No
89Vbf Al Pacino1623650No
92Phyre Storm Z1100050No
93West Wind Dragon1656250No
97Marquitible Asset CCA1002030No
98SS Adios1071330No
99ADF Out Of Ink927330No
101SS Chevelle1641530No
102OF Jazz Aria1605630No
103A Lil Bit A Jazz1714230No
105AH Stormin Norman1019630No
107SRF Zulu1727030No
108Dark Laced Galaxy1698930No
109RS Windchime1681230No
110WMA Proclaim1124625No
112SAR Smokey Phantom1494425No
113Konfettis Moonstruck1663725No
114Owyhee Shotgun Rider (Willi)1147125No
115Dreamweaver Csavannah1123825No
116Prairie Bell of the Trail1606625No
118Jakarta Princess (Quinn)1705825No
119The Last Tango1138625No
120Oliver Cow1152525No
121DWA Diva1723925No
122HB Aur Squirt901725No
124Belesema Anna981625No
127Last Chance MF1715825No
128A Knight Tale (Ledger)1687425No
131Owyhee Justice (Rio)1165425No
132TCF Miles High1046825No
133Big Sky Quinn682425No
134Rushcreek Fiscus1150725No
135Statesmans Eagle1668325No
136TCA IMA Famous Star1141825No
138SAR Rockn Mialuna1708025No
140DWA Hercules1724025No
141Hudson Bay1726425No
143Xtreme Xtravagance1141425No
146Dambits Tara II1722725No
147Rushcreek Elinor1167625No
148Belesemo Sans Storm1697125No
150Zanes Eleven1694525No
153Jitter Bug1722825No
154A Penny saved 1705325No
156Cain Jesse1672825No
159Rosies Atlas1688625No
160Catch Fire G (Mr G)1722425No
162Mbono Bey1285725No

Gaited Horse (sponsored by Kathy Bray and Sheri Cook) Enrollment required by August 1The gaited horse with the highest accumulated miles (endurance and/or limited distance) is recognized.  The horse may be ridden by any number of PNER members of any age.

ADDITIONAL ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION:  Horses must be registered with a recognized gaited horse breed association.  Common gaited horse breeds include Icelandic, Mangalarga Marchador, Missouri Fox Trotter, North American Single-Footing, Paso Fino, Peruvian Paso, Racking, Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain, McCurdy Plantation, Spotted Saddle, Tennessee Walker, Walkaloosa.  Questions regarding recognized gaited horse breeds and associations should be directed to the award sponsor.  (See membership directory for contact information.)  An enrollment form with a copy of the horse’s registration papers must be submitted to the Awards Coordinator at awards@pner.net no later than August 1 to verify eligibility requirements have been met.  The minimum completion requirement applies.

Enrolled as of 8/1/2023:

PlaceHorseHorseIdTotalMilesMinimum Eligibility Met