Ride Calendar

Ride Calendar
The ride list as provided at the 2019 PNER convention has been updated below. The ride distances were not provided, so are guesses and will be updated as known. There will be additional changes made as other rides are sanctioned as well.

2019 Ride Calendar

RideEvent DateStateorganizationLocation
Don't Fence Me In04/06/2019WAEDRA
Owyhee Tough Sucker04/06/2019IDAERC
Grizzly Mountain04/20/2019OREDRA
Eagle Canyon04/27/2019IDAERC
Still Prineville05/03/2019ORAERC
Owyhee No River Challenge05/11/2019ORAERC
Cowichan Valley Rail Trail & BCCTRA05/11/2019BCERABC/AERC
Coyote Ridge05/11/2019WAEDRA
Titanium Run05/17/2019BCERABC/AERC
Outback 3Peat Rides05/24/2019OREDRA
Klickitat Trek05/25/2019WAAERC
High Sage06/01/2019BCERABC/EDRA
City of Rocks06/06/2019IDAERC
Limestone Challenge06/15/2019ORAERC
Trout Lake06/15/2019WAEDRA
Creek to Peak Challenge06/21/2019WAAERC
No Bitchin' Barriere06/29/2019BCERABC/AERC
Renegade Rendezvous07/06/2019WAEDRA
Bandit Springs07/12/2019ORAERC
Timber Ridge07/13/2019BCERABC
Top O The World Pioneer07/26/2019IDAERC
Pacific Crest07/28/2019
Chase Creek Cattle Company Ride 08/03/2019BCERABC/AERC
Sand Canyon08/03/2019WAEDRA
Santiam Cascade08/10/2019ORAERC
Midnight Rider 08/17/2019WAAERC
Quesnal Canter08/24/2019BCERABC
Blue Cloud Ride08/24/2019MTEDRA
Crazy Daze08/31/2019
Last Chance Mountain08/31/2019BCERABC
Old Selam08/31/2019IDAERC
Oregon 100 PNER Fundraiser09/14/2019ORAERC
Prater Mountain09/21/2019IDAERC
Cowichan Vlly Railtrail N & BCCTRA09/21/2019BCERABC/AERC
Ride the Loup09/28/2019WAEDRA
Lava Cast Forest Mem Ride09/28/2019ORAERC
Sonora Desert Dash10/05/2019BCERABC
Autumn Sun Pioneer10/11/2019IDAERC
Mary & Anna Memorial10/19/2019OREDRA
Owyhee Hallowed Weenies10/26/2019IDAERC

PNER rides are held throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana and British Columbia.  

PNER recognizes rides sanctioned through the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC), Equine Distance Riding Association (EDRA), and Equestrian Canada - administered through Endurance Riders Association of British Columbia (ERABC).  Links with more details on these rides are provided below.


Click here to view AERC’s ride schedule

Click here to view EDRA’s ride schedule

Click here to view ERABC's  ride schedule



For rides sanctioned by AERC, PNER members may use the following:  2019 PNER/AERC Ride Entry Form

For rides endorsed by EDRA, PNER members may use the following:  2019 PNER/EDRA Ride Entry Form



Ride Managers:  Depending upon the sanctioning organization, please use the applicable Excel Ride Results Template below.  Sample data is provided in the Start Time and Hold Time columns as an example, so that Ride Time is calculated for you.  If you have questions or problems accessing the template, please don't hesitate to contact the PNER Points Secretary at points@pner.net

AERC - PNER Ride Results Template

EDRA - PNER Ride Results Template