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We encourage equestrian endurance events in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States and Canada, approximating the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana and the Canadian Providence of British Colombia. 

If you are interested in horses and the sport of endurance riding, we can get you started in the right direction. We have links listed below for you to look at and read. The easiest way to learn about endurance is to volunteer at a ride. You can do this by looking at our Ride Calendar and finding a ride in your area.  Once you pick a ride to volunteer check in with the ride registration table and state you are new to endurance and would like to learn about the sport. Someone will be happy to answer your questions and find an area to volunteer in and learn. The first hand knowledge will help you decide what is best way to camp for you and your budget, what is the best way to keep  your horse in camp, and what saddles or equipment is seen and last what the vet expects from you when you get to a ride.  PNER usually hosts a boot camp in the Spring, look for the details on the PNER facebook pages.

If you are ready to join, please go to the Membership page and click on "Join as a new member" and follow the prompts.  Once you receive your PNER ID membership card keep it with you when registering for the PNER rides.  When you register for a ride, you will fill in your information along with your PNER ID and your horse information.  With being a new member, the horse you ride will receive its own PNER ID after ride results are posted. To find the horse PNER ID, go to My Results/Horse PNER ID, the PNER ID will be located behind the horse's name. Oher valuable information for registration will be an AERC ID card, or EDRA book with horse photo, or AHA ID card for you and your horse.  Be prepared to show your ID cards at registration when they ask for them.

Once you register as a new member. you will receive the PNER handbook, the mailing is sent out around February of the current membership year. If you like to register early, we deduct five dollars from the membership price up to the end of January of the current year and towards the end of the old membership year (Nov/Dec). Please read through the handbook for the current rides, current membership list, current board members, state representatives, bylaws, awards, meeting minutes and advertising. 

PNER keeps track of your endurance miles on a year to year basis. Once the new year starts PNER starts over on mileage. For lifetime mileage, AERC and Endurance Canada or EDRA are the groups to contact and look at. To honor our PNER members, we host a PNER convention in January. We have an evening banquet dinner with award presentation, daily guests speakers, a raffle, vendor booths, member registration, and tack sale held on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Convention details will be posted here on our PNER website. You will be able to register directly from this website to attend.

PNER has a public facebook page and a closed member's facebook page along with a greenbean facebook page. The public page is open to anyone who is in PNER or is a beginner and wants to ask questions for comment from the group as a whole, the closed members facebook page is for members only. You can join by requesting to be added to the group and suppling your PNER ID number. The green bean page is for new green members who are learning and would like to share or ask questions amongst the newest members of endurance.

For any other questions, please email

We are just getting this page going, and will soon have the following information available to all:

  •         Resource Links - What is endurance? To read articles on Safety Tips, Camp Etiquette and ride your own ride, click on Organizational and  Education Links, scroll down to Courtesy of AERC and enjoy reading the short articles for your education whether a new member or a seasoned member.
  •         Awards - what do I win?
  •         State Representative contact information - who do I contact in my area for additional information?
  •         Mentor information - how do I connect with a person who can help me on my journey?
  •         PNER Team information - what is a "team" and how do I join?
  •         How do I - volunteer? Go to the PNER Ride Calandar and pick a ride to attend, check in at the registration desk and we will find a spot for you to fill in as a volunteer.
  •         Join PNER? Click on "Join as a new member" on
  •         Attend PNER meetings?  The meetings are posted on the Publc PNER Facebook page or you can email a board member, your state represetative or membeship for the meeting information.
  •         What is the relationship between PNER, AERC and EDRA?  AERC and EDRA are sanctioning organizations. PNER is not a sanctioning group. PNER is for education and annual points. PNER supports the rides put on by AERC and EDRA.